The simple things in life

Corporate Struggle

Gahhh I hope it goes well today, my first phone interview, eek! 

I really want this job, great location, great company, interesting position, its pretty perfect.

I studied a bit last night on the company and position, gotta write some points now on things they may ask.

Taking it one step at a time, I was very excited all day yesterday when I found out. I was beginning to feel that nobody wanted me.

Back to doing more research on it and I’ll be relived when it’s over later today, the waiting though, that will kill me haha.

Jeeze Louise

Applying to jobs suck!!!! Sucks so bad haha. I hate having to add my work experience to each application. Currently, I am just applying to the ones that only require a resume and cover letter. That’s a bit easier. The other ones require more work, I have done some of them but still.

I don’t even have like a goal job anymore, I am just applying to certain things that interest me and just taking it from there.


Time is coming close to finishing my project. This week I gotta work on my thesis even though I just wanna have a break and do fun things haha. I am going paintballing all day on Saturday, I am scared since I hear it’s painful but I am sure it will be fun.

I am sticking to my new way of life motto, if I don’t feel like it, I won’t. So far so good. Last weekend, Mike met the family and that went really well.

I am still sticking to my lifting 12 week program. I am halfway through week 9, I’ve only skipped one day which was last week when I was running on 2 hrs of sleep and was in immense pain due to my dental work.

I have new short-term goals, one is to work on my resume this week and become more serious on my job hunting. Another is to get to the 50 mark on my thesis this week. I am getting closer to it.

I also have a couple events this week and I am iffy on one of them. I am currently not feeling it, I’ll see how I feel as the week gets closer. I do get to see my best friend and a few closer ones this weekend, hopefully I am not too burned out after paintball to hang with them.

Week 6 Bodybulding review

These last few days have been tough. I wanted to quit yesterday but after a pep talk from Mike things got better. He had a few bad days too and so we are gonna try harder to stick to it. 

I have decided to switch things up a bit, my main problem area is the cardio. I hate cardio haha. I use to be really good at keeping up with my running when I was training and doing insanity videos when I was doing that but now I have a hard time sticking to just 1 mile or finishing a video.

So I am gonna give it 100% from now on. If I want something I will have it just make room for it in other areas.

Hopefully in a week I’ll still be on track.

Week 5 overview

Last week was tough, I tried my best to stick to my plan. I haven’t skipped a day yet, so that’s good. I switched up my plan a bit and yesterday I succesfully followed it through. Today is the start of week 6. Only 6 more weeks to go!

Week 4 Bodybuilding reflection

Today is the beginning of week 5 almost at the halfway point. Last week was kinda bad, I had a hard time, probably bc I was stressed with studying. I changed my macros just a tad but it looks like starting Friday they will get changed again but a little more drastic. 

Last night I stopped breathing and exhaled for air as I was sleeping. I don’t think that had happened to me before and it was scary hearing about it so I am gonna get that checked.

Other than that, this week I am more pumped except for the part where I’ve been a bit sick so I’ve had to cut down a bit on some stuff. I don’t want to get worse. 

Hopefully next week is better and I am 100% recovered.

This writing isn’t gonna get itself done. Bleh. Lab isn’t too empty today which is good. Gotta get 5 pages down today. Let’s do this. 

Week 3 Reflection of Bodybuilding

Today is the beginning of week 4 of my intro to bodybuilding program. Yay! Only 8 more weeks to go lol. The begining of this week was a lil tougher than before. I was so unmotivated and I got tired of my meals. I do change it up a lot but I just wasn’t feeling it this week. Maybe it was just added stress from studying for my midterm tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is my 3rd refeed day. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. I’ll be having my extra 50% carb intake like before, just more bagels, cereal, etc. 

Dinner should be interesting since it’s a surprise. I am looking forward to the company. 

These reflections are for my personal use to help me keep motivated as I continue. 

Haven’t missed one day yet. 21 out of 84 complete. Time to do legs.